Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marathon Man

MY marathon man!
My husband ran the Long Beach Half Marathon on Sunday with a TERRIFIC finish time and another race behind him.  13 full marathons and 5 half marathons since his running career began 12 years ago, he's still going strong.  I am constantly amazed at his fortitude, drive, stamina and willingness to "push through the pain."  I don't even like to run up the street for a quart of milk! 
Edwin Romero, Male winner
Finish time:  2 hours, 19 minutes
(photo:  Jeff Gritchen/Press-Telegram)

Abigail Swift, Female winner
Finish time:  2 hours, 43 minutes
(photo: Jeff Gritchen/Press-Telegram)

I drove down amidst the throngs of Lookie Lous, family members and running supporters to pick him up at the finish.  I am always inspired by the familial atmosphere of these events.  Drew and I stayed to see the first elite male runner, Edwin Romero, finish and also the first female elite, Abigail Swift.  Seems her last name may have sealed her destiny!

I have recently been looking for a goal to pursue in my workout regimes, and although I don't think I could run a half marathon, I could certainly walk! After all at 4' 10" tall, I have been racing to keep up with tall people my whole life.  So yesterday I printed out a training schedule for walking and walk/running a half.  But I know, without a doubt, that I'll need a cause to support while training as it will motivate me when I'm feeling depleted.  Although we have our share of causes that could support my immediate family (Diabetes Association, Autism Awareness, National Scoliosis Foundation), I started fantasizing about the trials my friends, family and I have gone through this year and thought how rewarding it would be to create a foundation to back:

Friends of Female Pattern Baldness (several of us have lost ALOT of hair through the stress of the last months.  Alternately this could be called...)
Runners for Rogaine
Living with Lunacy (this needs no explanation)
Moms for Mania (again, no explanation necessary)
Money for Muscle Tension Dysphonia (my stupid vocal problem)
Jogging for Joblessness (Hey, thats' a good one!)
Biking for Broken Automobiles
Duathlons for Depressing News (anybody?)
Fitness for Financial Shambles  (also not a bad idea :)
(Do you have another one of your own to add to my list?)

Well, what do ya' think??  It lifts my day as I reflect upon coming out of some of these situations finally able to joke about it and as my prayers continue for those who are still on their way out.  The great news is that we can all be buoyed up if we continue to aim for faith, knowing that God has us in His hand, constantly revealing Himself to us in the little daily things that strengthen us.  Just as a physical workout regime strengthens our bodies, so does prayer life, gratitude and daily devotions strengthen our spiritual lives.  I just gotta find the time for my "daily workout" and commit to a stronger mind, body and spirit. 

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