Friday, October 14, 2011

Living Each Day to the Fullest

I have an incredible friend who is a constant source of inspiration to me.  Three years ago he was diagnosed with sarcoma, a form of cancer that is incurable.  The prognosis that he was given at that time was 15 months.  They surgically removed about 8 lbs of tumor plus his kidney and some other organ material most of us would be pretty bummed to lose.  He was on the elliptical working out three days later.  (Classic over-achiever!) Today he is travelling the world, working with people to live healthier, more positive lives. He has the most amazing outlook of anyone I've ever met, much less someone with a grave disease.  He is in Washington D.C. right now for work, walking the streets in the rain, and he stopped in front of the White House while we were conversing on the phone, describing everything he saw to me with such enthusiasm and zest for life.  He kept mentioning over and over how happy he was that he didn't need a jacket, the weather was so temperate.  It cracked me up that something seemingly trivial meant that much and made him so joyful.

I thought to myself, "If only I lived every day as if it were my last...I would worry less about the small things, appreciate more the beauty of everyday moments and experiences, cherish more lovingly each encounter with the people in my life."

So here's to living each day to the lifting up all people in our setting an example of charity and generosity...and to doing all of these things in the name of our beautiful Father in Heaven.  Cheers!

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Miley!  Thank you for the blessing you are in my life!

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