Friday, October 21, 2011

Hostess with the Mostest - Part III

(To catch yourself up on Part III of our saga, please read Parts I & II of Hostess with the Mostest before diving into this, the last passage.)

October - the third & final chapter

Our story concludes with an encounter this past Sunday. Tim, the chairman for Movement of a Better World, approached me after church and said, "I've been meaning to talk to you since the meeting last month.  It was obvious you wanted to help make those sandwiches, and I wanted to say I'm so sorry that the ladies essentially said 'thanks but no thanks." 

I cracked up and said, "Boy, they really weren't interested in help, were they?  I'm just glad you said that because I was afraid I was imagining it!  But no worries...if it wasn't meant, it wasn't meant."

Tim then said, "There is something we need though.  We have three events coming up with a whole team of people helping to put together baskets for the poor.  We need a hospitality chair to set up food and drinks for all of these events so the volunteers are taken care of.  Is that something you may be interested in?"

I just stared at him in disbelief for a moment, my mouth agape.  Now for those of you who know me, you know I LOVE to throw a party or be a hostess in any capacity.  But surely I never thought in all my years that this would be a gift to help in service of God.  Are you kidding me?  You mean I can actually help AND make a room look beautiful AND make people feel good about their service?  Where do I sign?

I burst out laughing and said, "Tim, you've come to the right place.  I am GREAT at hospitality!"  He looked skeptical for a moment at my confidently joyous answer. "Are you serious?" 

"Absolutely," I said, "just ask my daughter. Hey, Colleen, am I great at hospitality or what?" 

She called out from the back of the church, "Yep, she's good."  He still looked puzzled at my happiness but he wasn't about to turn help away.  So we set it up.

Before we parted, Tim said, "I'm just really sorry again at the reception you got at our meeting."  I said, "Tim, please don't give it a second thought.  I'm finally learning to just listen for what I'm supposed to do.  And I'm finding it often doesn't line up with what I want to do or what I think I should do.  This worked out great!"

I walked out of the church feeling like I was floating.  I thought to myself how this confirmed so many questions I've had over the years about what I felt were my natural, God given feelings versus the sometimes imposing feelings of my "religious" alter-ego...

I don't always have to be somber.
I don't always have to reverent.
I can be joyous...I can be celebratory...I can be humorous, ironic, silly...
God wants us to love being with Him.
He wants us to be ourselves.  He created us as we are after all.
He wants us to serve Him and each other using the gifts He has given, no matter what they are,
no matter how seemingly insignificant or frivolous, no matter how little it seems to cost us.
They are gifts that are great because they came from Him who is GREAT.
What a wonderful lesson I now carry with me.
From now on, I'll listen less with my mind and more with my heart and spirit. 
I know they'll lead me straight to Him.

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