Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A For Sale Sign...and A Bigger Sign

Drew and I have been house hunting for a couple of years now...put offers on a few things but they never went through for one reason or another.  I have been chalking it up to "apparently we weren't supposed to live there right now," or "we are meant to stay nearer the kids schools for now" or "there's another house we're supposed to live in later on."  You get the picture.  I still look at the listings and sometimes will call my agent for a showing. 

We actually really love the little house where we live.  It's cozy, warm, inviting.  I love being close to the children.  And during Braden's blood sugar issues this past year, we were very happy to be next door to him as we were checking him several times each night.  So, truly, there are reasons to stay but we are also missing a few things.  The list is simple:

1.  Further from the freeway and closer to the beach
2.  A bathroom for Drew and I only
3.  An extra bedroom for a guest - or a parent if needed in the future
4.  Last but not least...a two-butt kitchen

(The McGonagles are laughing at this right now.  Since we women have been blessed with generous lower proportions, we could never get by each other in our house growing up.  We had a "one-butt kitchen."  I currently have about a half-butt kitchen and would like some extra room for at least one more cheek please!)

Anyway, I was driving my fantasy neighborhood the other day and came upon a house I had never noticed with a sign out front...For Sale by Owner.  I rarely drive down this particular street so I prayed, "Lord, is this a sign?  Is this where you've been leading me?  Please make it clear for me so I know how much energy to put into this."  I jotted down the number, called the guy, we had a great talk...nicest man....and set it up to see the house last Saturday.  I arrived at the agreed upon time (window of 3:30-4:30) and no one answered.  I knocked and rang and knocked and rang but the only sign of life in the house was the terrier barking at me from the dining room window.  I called Mark and he said he was sorry, he thought I would come at the first part of the hour.  I said, "No worries.  This just means it wasn't meant today."  (Did you notice I added a clarifier to the end of the sentence?  I asked for a sign, God sends me an empty house and an unanswered knock and I say 'not meant today.'  Can you say "denial?")

So yesterday I got another email from the owner asking if I would like to come this weekend instead.  Of course, I jumped at the chance and asked for details.  (I'm still praying at this point that the email is a second sign for me.)  This morning I wake to the necessary details - yes, I can come this weekend but please bring my agent and all of my paperwork so he knows I'm seriously wanting to purchase.

Well, for those of you who have been through this paperwork process before, it is involved.  I have done the pre-qualifying letters over and over as we have looked at properties these last few years.  It's, at best, a pain and once you've gotten it all together, if your deal doesn't happen, the paperwork expires.  Then you have to go through the whole process all over again.

So the question was...should I do it?  Should I spend the energy?  The time?  The anxiety?  No disrespect intended, God, but how dense do you think I am?  (Please don't answer that!)  I've got the message.  No energy on this house, this path, this desire for now.  I emailed Mark back and said thank you but I was passing.  And I added I would pray for him to find the right person to purchase his beautiful Tudor home.  "Apparently we weren't supposed to live there right now; we are meant to stay nearer the kids schools for now; there's another house we're supposed to live in later on."  You get the picture.

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