Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Talk

One of my weekly prayers is that God will send me a message at church on Sunday, something I can relate to and identify with - perhaps a question I've needed answering, or a reason an event has happened, or a light in my occasional darkness. I must say that most times I do receive a nugget to ponder for the day. Often it comes to me through a song. Being a musician, these generally speak to and affect me the most. Other times I feel that the sermon was composed specifically for me. But little did I know how unexpectedly I would receive the Word today.

We were preparing for Communion and our pastor was speaking the words that Jesus spoke to the apostles at His Last Supper. These words are typically followed by a reverent silence as we reflect upon the depth of His sacrifice. Today, however, with only the timing that a child could have, this is what we heard:

"This is My body which has been given up for you."

No contemplative quiet this time but instead an enthusiastic, "Wow!!!"

As the congregation shared a quiet chuckle at the toddler's outburst, I had to grin to myself at how truthful this happened to be. I will admit I have never heard those words in quite the same way before. And while still honoring the tradition of the communion rite, I promised myself that I would also be joyful each time I heard them spoken from now on ...

"Wow!" (I can't believe He sacrificed His life for me)
"Wow!" (I screw up all the time but still get a chance to get it right)
"Wow!" (This is the most generous gift I've ever received)

Out of the mouths of babes, another message from above. "Wow!" It couldn't have been more perfect.

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