Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Ya' Had a Bad Day

Okay, I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I’m REALLY cranky.  These times often come on for no good reason.  Or they’ll be brought on by something minor.  I’ll be on hold with customer service for too long and it ruins my day.  Or I’m having a great day and one of my kids will be especially ornery and again, bad mood Martha surfaces.  I was having a day like this recently and went to sleep that night thinking, “I’m so glad I can put this day to rest and wake up tomorrow to a better attitude.”  The problem was, I awoke the next day with the same frustration in my heart.

I was in charge of carpool that morning and listened to my teenage daughter and her friend chatter on the way to school.  Normally I would pipe in my two cents but this particular morning, I couldn’t muster the energy.  On the way home alone, I said to God, “Sorry but I can’t be in a good mood every moment of every day.  It’s starting to feel like too much pressure.  So you’re just gonna have to deal with it.”  (I used to try and hide what I was really feeling from God with nice language and carefully chosen words.  But He knows what I’m thinking anyway so I figure I may as well say the truth.  It’s bad enough to be belligerent…much less a belligerent liar!)

When I arrived home, I saw my morning devotional, “Your Best Life Begins Each Morning,” in the basket next to my bed.  I actually rolled my eyes after looking at it because I just didn’t feel like hearing anything positive.  But I had made a commitment to read it each morning so I opened the book and experienced a shove out the front door of my funk…”Living your best life now is downright difficult sometimes.  Many people give up far too easily when things don’t go their way…Instead of persevering, they get all bent out of shape.  Before long, they’re down and discouraged…”

I put the book down, laughed aloud and looked up saying, “Yeah, yeah, I got it.  I’ll deal with it myself!”

Honestly, the rest of my day was wonderful knowing that God loves me enough to steer me toward the good when I’m stuck in the bad, lacking the energy to maneuver myself.  Knowing I don’t have to climb alone out of my bad day is truly something to be grateful for.

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