Thursday, September 29, 2011

Angel Art

Have you noticed that the artwork in stores today are either a choice of metal flower sculptures or inspirational sayings mounted and framed?  They say "art imitates life" and I believe we are seeing that now...a desire in the general population for encouragement to lift them from the financial and emotional crises they find themselves in.  (Though I will admit I don't exactly know what the metal flowers are saying...maybe that we can't afford real ones?!?)  Artists and graphic designers are definitely capitalizing on our need for inspiration - and good for them!  (Personal note to my niece, Amanda:  Now's the time, sister! You've got the graphic design gift and the degree to match...go for it!)

Anyway, I have succumbed twice to purchasing these flights of fancy.  Once as an anchor to a wall collage my kids and I made my husband for his birthday (see above) and once for myself.  Although I will admit the face kind of creeps me out, the words on the skirt of my angel speak to me joyfully:

My Angel Art
Trust Your Intuition
leap fearlessly
Take Flight Toward Your Dreams
feel the abundance of your life
collect moments of kindness
Do The Thing You Never Thought You Could
celebrate the gift of today

Today I was having one of those days lacking inspiration and excitement.  My son is home sick, I have 20 loads of laundry to wash, and a million errands to run - which of course, I can't because I can't leave my son.  I was feeling kind of down when my son said, "Mom, I'm so hungry."

"Eggs?," I asked.  "Ooohhh, yes please," he replied. 

"Scrambled or fried?"

"Thats a tough one...hmmmm.  Fried, please.  Overhard."

"Got it."  And off I went to play chef.  As I was waiting for the pan to heat, I glanced to my right and saw my angel...I hung it in the kitchen because I'm there ALOT - but I hadn't really noticed it for a few weeks.  I took a pause and read it.  That word "ever" at the end gets me every time.  And there I found my inspiration.

Never give up...ever... finding the perfect moment to serve someone selflessly. loving moments in your day no matter how seemingly small or insignificant acknowledging the blessings God has given, even when they don't seem great...they probably would be to someone else.

My son loved his eggs and said, "Oh, thanks so much, mom.  You're the best."  There, a perfect moment...a moment to serve...a blessed opportunity I had because I am not working right now.  Perfect. 

Never give up...ever...

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